Jos is one of the few museum-grade stores in Hong Kong and provides a platform where traditional, authentic craftsmanship can be appreciated and experienced by all.


We have been committed to educating consumers on the difference between fast fashion and authentic craftsmanship through antique jewellery, cheongsam and antique sewing machines. 


We work closely with different jewelers around the world (Jerusalem, India, Japan), the top tailors in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, and high-end quality brand factories. As a result, we can provide tailor-made cheongsams and a wide range of antiques and modern jewellery at competitive prices.




Lina comes from a prestigious family of jewellery and science experts, with Lin Qiaozhi being a family member. Since 1887, Lina’s family took up the jewellery trade under the label of “Jin Zang Mei”金藏美. The label lasted for 60 years until 1948. Later, because of the civil war, the family lost their fortune and had to start the business from scratch. As for Lina, she has inherited from the family a great sense of aesthetic judgment in jewellery design. She said: ‘The antique jewellery sold at Jos are totally unique. We hope that our customers can enjoy a better and more holistic experience in buying, wearing and appreciating jewellery from us.’